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Google Search Results Page Will Display Video Ads Soon

Google introduced video ads in YouTube a couple of months ago. Its implementation in the YouTube community has been pretty quite since it was launched. Google might have been successful with its video ads program in YouTube that it decided to extend it to its bread and butter program, search results pages. Or another way of looking at could be that the YouTube implementation was not so successful at all that Google decided to explore other avenues.

Anyway, as the New York Times report, the Google video ads that will soon be implemented on Google search results (Thursday as the report says), would be unobtrusive and unnoticeable at all. Sponsored ads in search results page with accompanying video ads will display a small button with a plus sign. This is similar to how Google SERPs displays additional information about search results. Once a user clicks on this small button, a small player will pop out and starts playing the ads.This sound neat and blends pretty well with the ongoing evolution of Google search from a purely textual search results page to a more interactive and graphically enhanced search results pages that now include thumbnail images and photos.

The question now is how effective these video ads would be in terms of producing significant clicks and sales to the advertisers. Or to put in simply, would Google search users actually click on those video ads at all.

And in a bigger scale, should those video ads captures the interest of users and advertisers realizing the power of online advertising using videos as a media, are we going the see the death of textual online advertising?

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Google Search Results Page Will Display Video Ads Soon

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