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Google Search Now Provides Factual Results as well as Something Different

Google has just rolled two new search features that both offer relevant results for factual search as well as additional search results refinement that offer “something different” from the main search results. The two new search features are by-products of Google Squared technology which Google has been taking full advantage of recently.

The first new search feature provides simple, factual answers to search queries that are meant to yield such kind of results.  It’s like making Google as a ready-reference  tool that is available anytime. Search results or answers to these kinds of queries are accurate and are culled from sources which Google has filteredto be reliable and accurate sources of information.  You can see these simple, factual answers appear right at the top of your search results pages.

Example given by Google is when you search for “catherine zeta-jones date of birth” will yield the following simple search results:

If you notice the “+Show sources” link, clicking on that link will yield other websites that corroborate the given search results at the top of the page. This will give you an idea whether the given answer was realiable or not.

The other new search features is what Google calls as “something different.” If you search suggestion whereby Google suggests search queries that you may use while typing your search, “something different” in search results gives you related search queries that you may want to expore other than what your are currently searching for. This is similar to related searches that you normally find below the Google search resuls pages.

So if you search for “zebra” Google will suggest links to something different such as elephants, hippos and more.

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Google Search Now Provides Factual Results as well as Something Different

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