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Google Rolls Out Insights for Search Tool

Fans of Google Trends who are also Adwords advertisers and marketers would be glad to know about Google’s new tool which is very similar to Google Trends – the Google Insights for Search. This new tool provides more flexibility and functionality in understanding search behavior and the facility to create world heat map that graphically display search volume and regional interest.

Gogole Insight

Just by typing in a search term, users can see search volume patterns related to the search time over a specific time period. It also enables them to see top related and rising searches as well as compare search volume trends of various search terms, search categories or verticals, geographic regions or specific time ranges.

Bathroom Remodeling

Look at the results for bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling, not only do they show the states which are searching more for the terms, but the states also reflect recent trends in the housing market. Given the above example, home owners in some areas seem to be following the trend of upgrading their bathrooms to build more value to their present home in the current market.

The Inside AdWords blog gave a good example to better understand how the Google Insights for Search works. Using the generic term apple as a search keyword would yield mostly related and rising search pertaining to Apple the brand name. With Google Insights for Search, users can narrow this search term using the Food and Drink category which would yield a different search volume trends and related searches for the keyword apple.

And finally, users can utilize Google Insights for Search to:

  • choose popular keywords for marketing strategy
  • analyze seasonality of search keywords
  • create brand association to appropriate search keywords
  • identify new markets to explore
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Google Rolls Out Insights for Search Tool

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