Google Rolls Out Adsense for Games, Long Live Gamers!

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Blame it on comScore for publishing that 25% of Internet users play online games every week, totalling to over 200 million users worldwide. This may have prompted Google to roll out Adsense for Games. The new advertising program aims to give online game developers, online gaming site additional revenue stream.

But so as not to anger gamers, Adsense for Games would only display video ads, image ads or text ads on specific parts a particular game, selected by game hosts or game developers.  This could either be in the form of interstitial frames that displays before a game starts, after a level change, or when a game is over. Hope that game developers would not be too greedy to use all those mentioned game ad spots.

Google’s Adwords team will be in-charge of selling in-game ad placements to top brand advertisers. In addition, contextually targeted text and image ads will also be displayed based on the content and demographic information of gamers.

Ok, I know gamers would not be excited about this. For for those interested to learn about this program, here are two videos cooked up by the Adsense team to give you all an idea of how this in-game advertising plays in the whole of Google network and how advertisers can tap into this advertising scheme.

Arnold Zafra
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  • Web Optimization & Content Development

    If you think to this there are two situations :
    1. If you win and go to the next level and you get an adsense you click on it or keep playing ? I think you’ll keep playing

    2. If you loose and it’s game over then the adsense has to be very interesting to make the user click on it rather then play again or look for some other type of relaxation.

  • CAP DigiSoft Solutions

    I think that most of the game players are children and they are not aware of adds.

    1. At the begining of play starts if the add takes more time then this lead children to not to play the game and they will switch over to the other (because there are lots of games in online)
    2. At the end of each stage if the add is being displayed, then the add should be more interesting then the game played. In this case if the add is good then they will shift over to that one and will not continue the game.

    Here CPI only will increase and not the CPC.

    So the Googlers should think from the children point of view before implementing Adsense of Games.

  • Saad Kamal

    Its very interesting but they have made their entry requirements too strict atm.

  • Brandon

    Are you kidding me? To say that the only ones playing online games is ridiculous. Plus, to say that children don’t know what ads are is a stretch as well.

    The only companies that will grab a marketing ads such as these are EA and other big developers. Other smaller companies may even bring in new followers BECAUSE of the fact that the do not participate; developers have to be careful of making their fan base angry.