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Google Rolls Out Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center

Google Rolls Out Ad Traffic Quality  Resource Center

Following Yahoo’s launch of its Traffic Quality Center, Google Adwords launches its own click fraud protection system, the Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center. Inside Adwords specifically describes what the Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center was established for:

To serve as the single source for all click fraud and ad traffic quality related information

Click fraud has been a consistent issue for online advertisers and ad placement providers such as Google Adwords. Although there has never yet a full proof system that stops click fraud, Google has been putting its best technology to lessen if not eliminate click fraud from occurring. 

The Ad Traffic Quality Center has loads of useful information on protecting advertisers from click fraud. An example is an explanation on how Google detects valid clicks. From Google’s end, it detects invalid clicks through:

  • filtering -automated algorithms that filters otu invalid clicks in real time
  • offline analysis – automated algorithm and manual analysis which focuses on the Adsense network
  • investigations –  which is conducted when Adwords receive inquiries from advertisers

The Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center also suggests various ways by which advertisers can protect themselves from click fraud

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The Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center is a good resource that should serve advertisers needs. Hopefully it evolves into a more powerful and useful resource that is right now on its initial developmental stage.


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