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Google Remains Steady in Top Spot of comScore Search Report

comScore’s first monthly search report for the year is already out and as expected Google still tops all core search entity. Google registered 0.1% increase in its share of searches for January (58.5%) as compared to December 2007’s (58.4%) statistics. Yahoo still stands at second spot despite getting a decrease of .7% compared to the previous month’s search data.

It would be interesting to note that Yahoo is the lone search entity that registered a lost in search shares. Microsoft stood still at the percentage share (9.8%) and registered no change.Unexpectedly both AOL (.3%) and Ask Network (.2%) registered a considerably big surge in search statistics for January. And with some big changes implemented by both search entities recently, hopefully their share of the core searches would further improve this month. recently introduced a binocular feature to its search results which shows compete data about the web page related to the search results it display.

Now, perhaps the most interesting thing to note from the data is the fact that even if you combine Microsoft and Yahoo’s search share, it would still fail in comparison with that of Google.

On the other hand, combining Yahoo and AOL would push Microsoft one level down in terms of search share widening the gap between Google and Microsoft further.

Perhaps Microsoft would need to take a look at monthly search date being released by data measuring companies such as comScore to have a clear view of how each of the search companies stand in terms of performance ranking.

But then, search is just one of the reasons why Microsoft would want to take-over Yahoo, right?

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Google Remains Steady in Top Spot of comScore Search Report

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