Google Releases Shopper App for Android

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Google has just released a new mobile app for Android phones – called Google Shopper. It’s a pretty cool and robust app that lets you search product information quickly using your Android phone’s camera.  The app  recognizes cover art of books, CDs, DVDs, video games as well as product barcodes.

In addition to image recognition, the Google Shopper add also lets you search for product information using voice search.  The Shopper app provides product information, reviews, and prices to help you make a wise decision in buying various items. The app also lets you star items and share them with your friends. It also saves your search history and then let you check them out later on even if you’re Android phone is not connected to the Internet.

I downloaded the app on my Nexus One awhile ago and tried using the app. While the voice search works well, the image search doesn’t seem to work well.  The app can’t seem to recognize some of the barcodes and product covers I tried scanning.

It would be nice to have this feature as the voice search is a pretty simple feature. Image search will make this app stand out among the current crop of  apps available in the Android market.

To download the app, search for “Shopper” on Android market.


Arnold Zafra
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  • iPad Developer

    RedLaser for the iPhone is a great app… well worth the money.

  • jason

    yeah, ill download that iphone app for my droid right away

  • iPad Developer

    The info was offered in case it was useful to anybody with an iPhone… I’m pretty agnostic when it comes to hardware – as a geek I like the Nexus but it’s nowhere near as polished as the iPhone.
    It’s good to remember that if Apple hadn’t produced a smartphone we’d still be living in a market dominated by the network providers and there wouldn’t be a Nexus…

  • iPad Developer

    Just to show I’m impartial 🙂