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Google Releases New Ad Format: AdBirds

In a pretty wonderful example of an April Fool’s joke, Google AdWords now offers ad placement on actual birds when you sign into your dashboard.  “AdBirds” gives you the option to place your business’s messaging on the beak, head, wings, and even the tail feathers.  You have six different birds to choose from, ranging from the quick and nimble sparrow to the nocturnal owl.  I was slightly disappointed to see that even though a penguin was available, no one at Google decided to do a play on words with their algorithm update.  Such is life!

Well played Google, well played!



Screenshots taken 4/1/2014

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Michael Davis Senior Director of Marketing, Communications, and Media at RZIM

Mike is an online marketer with over 15 years experience (in-house and consulting) in helping businesses drive traffic to their ...

Google Releases New Ad Format: AdBirds

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