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Google Releases Location Bid Adjustments and Offer Extensions

Have you tried out Enhanced Campaigns?  Have you converted your campaigns over to them yet?  Google just announced  new location-oriented features to it’s Enhanced Campaigns feature to help us all get better results.

Basic wrap-up of todays releases:

  • Improve campaign results using location bid adjustments, whether your customers buy online or offline.
  • More easily reach customers that are near your business locations.
  • Drive more offline purchases and measurable in-store traffic with search ads using offer extensions.


Now you can Geotarget broadly with selective bid adjustments for improved results.  This will allow you to improve your overall results by using a broad location target to cover your entire potential market while refining your bids in select areas.  With old campaigns (outside of enhanced campaigns) you had to create a separate campaign for each location that you were trying to bid on.  Now with enhanced campaigns you can increase or decrease your bids by a specific percent for any location target in your campaign.

You can see this in the Adwords interface, click on Locations on the Settings tab.  Next you’ll need to click on the bid adjustment column to right fight of a location target to increase and decrease your bids.


A good example where this would help is if you’re a local tire shop and want to target people that are within a 20 mile radius of your location.  You know that people 20 miles out aren’t the greatest but they still could buy.  You know that the cream of the crop is within 8 miles of your business.  Now you can increase the bids of those a bit more to optimize and make sure you’re getting those clicks.  This will help with many local advertisers that are thinking of switching to enhanced campaigns.

To optimize with selective bid adjustments using the AdWords interface:

  1. Click on the “Location details” button and select “What triggered your ad.”
  2. Toggle the View button to slice your campaign performance data, including conversion data, by different geographic levels.
  3. Sort or filter to focus on the locations you want to optimize.
  4.  Select one or more locations.
  5. Click the “Add targets and set bid adjustment” button.

Additionally, you can now reach customers near your business location more easily with location extensions targeting to reach all those customers you might not be able to target.  You can now do the same thing with location extensions and increase bids for customers more likely to purchase your products.




You can now drive offline purchases and in-store traffic with Google offer extensions.  This is pretty sweet and something they should have come up with a LONG time ago.

Google offer extensions


You can now show your offers to customers to convert them from online to offline.  Creating offer-extensions in the Adwords interface will help you to drive offline purchase to in-store purchases.  When customer click on your discount or offer extensions they will be taken to the offer as seen below.

offer extensions real offer


They can now see details of the offer, your location, a map of where they can redeem the offer for in-store redemption.  You can also have additional stores where you can the offers can be purchased.  It’s much like Google offers but you’re paying for the traffic! lol.   For this offer-extension, you will only pay for clicks to your offer and not redemptions in the store.

Offer Extensions are available on the Campaign level or adgroup level right now to all USA accounts.  They haven’t announced when it’ll be available internationally.

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Google Releases Location Bid Adjustments and Offer Extensions

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