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Google Job Listing Reveals Plan to Protect Users’ Privacy

google launches red team

google launches red teamRecently, a Google job posting was discovered that reveals the world’s leading search engine is planning on creating a ‘Red Team’ to protect users’ privacy. The posting, which was first discovered by Kaspersky Lab, indicates that Google is heavily investing in ensuring its products simultaneously comply with legal requirements and market expectations moving forward.

The specific job posting, which is for a Data Privacy Engineer, says the following:

 “As a Data Privacy Engineer at Google you will help ensure that our products are designed to the highest standards and are operated in a manner that protects the privacy of our users. Specifically, you will work as member of our Privacy Red Team to independently identify, research, and help resolve potential privacy risks across all of our products, services, and business processes in place today.”

When Google was asked about the job posting, a company spokesperson simply replied: “We are always on the lookout for talented people in a variety of roles,” and would not comment further.

In the aftermath of “Cookie-Gate,” a record-breaking $22.5 million settlement with the FTC, illegally collecting data using Street View cars, and numerous other privacy issues, it is not surprising that Google is planning to develop a team to protect its users’ privacy.

Google’s corporate motto is, “Don’t be Evil.” Do you think they are returning to its corporate roots or is this latest move to protect users’ privacy out of legal necessity?

Sources Include: Google Job Posting, Information Week, and WebProNews
Image Credit: Shutterstock

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Google Job Listing Reveals Plan to Protect Users’ Privacy

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