Google Ranks and Color Codes Businesses on Place Pages

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Google has quietly rolled out a new feature for ranking and showing different aspects about businesses on  Place Pages for  Google Maps. The new feature will let you read reviews of business establishments as well as see how their fare through color coded rankings.


In case you forgot, Place Page is a web page for every place in the world containing snippets of information about a place. Place Pages for Google Maps cover  businesses, points of interest, transit stations, landmarks and cities all over the  world.

With this new feature, you can easily find out whether a particular place that you want to visit is really the best place offering whatever services you want to partake of.  Place Pages will now contain information about what people are saying about different places, including full reviews and ranking relative to other similar business establishments.

The reviews featured on Place Pages were culled from various quality sources across the web. So, you are pretty much sure that those reviews are valid and accurate.

Interestingly, there are other major sites which offer  similar services.  We could quickly think of Yelp and City Search and can’t help but be wary of how their userbase will be affected by Google Place Pages.

Arnold Zafra
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  • A very interesting way of displaying business data, but also adds another layer of possible work if your client has a reputation issue. How often are these ranking/review points updated as a new owner/chef may change the whole aspect of quality/service but if there is an old review done several years ago will their “freshness” algorithms weed it out.

    Also does it also open its self up for spam/paid reviewers to write great things about the location as it strips out much of the transperancy such as who reviewed it, number of reviews that many of these sites offer about public reviews?

  • Very Interesting thing. But i could not see for my business location. So i am thinking of how this being collected and displayed. 🙁