Google+ Now Used in YouTube Comments

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The official YouTube blog announced today that it is now utilizing Google+ to better moderate all comments on videos. YouTube said this change was to better display comments that users would most want to see.  Profiles that have been verified by Google+ or YouTube will be pushed to the top of the comment thread:

Google+ Now Used For YouTube Comments

YouTube announced that this change will put comments from the video creator, popular users, and users in your Google+ circles at the top of the comment section and in comment threads.

In addition, if you want to comment on an existing comment thread, you can do so using your Google+ account with public or private settings. The private setting will only allow people who are in your Google+ circles (that you’ve chosen) to see your comments.

Finally, the new feature also allows you to automatically approve comments from known users, review comments before they are published, and even block certain inappropriate words. This could benefit YouTube users that spend a lot of time moderating comments: automatic approval and language moderation can definitely save time.


Do you agree with Google’s choice to add Google+ features to YouTube?

Kelsey Jones
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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones
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  • Daniel Sanchez

    Just wanted to let you know that this sentence needs to be fixed:

    “YouTube announced that this change will put creator, popular users, and users in your Google+ circles will be at the top of the comment section and in comment threads.”

    Thanks for the update though!

    • Kelsey Jones

      I fixed it. Thanks Daniel!

      • Daniel Sanchez

        Your welcome!

  • Daniel Sanchez

    *You’re, lol

    • Kelsey Jones

      Maybe we should both get off the computer now…. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Daniel Sanchez

        Phone, but yeah lol

  • David Ball

    This does seem sensible to me, Google have built a very technically clever social system, so why not use it? Problem is… who does actually use it?! Mind you, if they keep making these incremental change that force us to use Google+ without us even knowing, they’ll win the social media war by default.

    Another good way of using Google+ I heard recently was when developing an Android app, the developer can show a Beta version to members of a G+ group, so it’ll show in their Google Play store, but not public. A pretty nifty way to sneak G+ upon us I reckon ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kevin pike

    All those “first”, racist, sexist, etc. comments can’t go away fast enough. Finally, some positive news this week from the Google camp.

    • Kelsey Jones

      I definitely agree! I hate when that’s the only comments you see on a good/interesting video.

  • Salman Khan

    Its nice to hear about Google Plus, which is being used on Youtube Comments. It is a good and beneficial integration provided by Google. I shall also use Google Plus for Youtube Comments in Future.