Google Places Is Being Upgraded To Google+ Local

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Without question, Google places and Google + has been somewhat of a nightmare for local business owners. Local business owners rely on their local SEO for business. At the moment, Google is rolling out updates which will begin the process of transferring business from Places to Google + Local. As a result, it will make the process:

  • easier to use
  • faster updates
  • integration with AdWords (Express) and G+

1. Easier to Use

Most sites on the internet that are user friendly make use of some sort of a widget that helps guide customers or visitors through the funnel, sales process, or even completion process. It helps us see the big picture and not get overwhelmed.

Google+ Local features such a widget and breaks down the set up process into 3 simple steps. It looks like this:



2. Faster updates

Google has promised to have a faster turnaround from edit to live action. Most of Google’s properties have a 24-48 hour guarantee. This should be great, especially when you’re counting on these listings to bring you daily business.

3. Integration with AdWords (Express) and G+

I’m blow away by this one stop shop, so to speak. You can manage your AdWords straight from your G+ Local dashboard. You will also have the functionality to be able to engage on the G+ platform with your fans, customers, and followers. How do you like that? It looks like:



The new updates which take business owners from Places to Google + Local will be much easier to use, faster response from edits, and integration with G+ and AdWords Express. What are your thoughts? Do you think it will make managing local businesses much easier?

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan is a PPC expert, entrepreneur, blogger, and amiable guy. In his spare time, you can find him updating his own blog.
Adam Morgan
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  • Patrick Tasner

    This is a very interesting news knowing that it has upgraded to make processes more easier and faster. I will spare time to learn more about it and would love to try it soon. Thanks for your effort of sharing this update.

  • Collin Davis

    This is really great news. Introduction of Google+ local has confused so very much. I have seen countless threads on forums and blogs asking which should they promote – places or G+ local. This update by Google will make it a lot easier for small business owners.

    Plus it is a very good interface that they have provided. Most small business owners aren’t tech savvy, so integrating adwords on the same platform is a very good move on the part of Google.

  • Darko

    I’ve noticed that yesterday, just when making Local profile for a client. Good job from Google this time. Makes our lives easier.

  • Sanjay Nandy

    Thanks for sharing your valuable concept with us Adam. I have made a local listing for my client, but it redirect to the G+ page. I have a question regarding that. If I place some comments on the G+ page, will those be showed in the local search?

  • Helen Faber

    It can’t come soon enough. No mention of when it will be rolled out in Canada. It would also be helpful if there was Google support for related issues.

  • Mark Andrew

    Google’s local strategy has been a confusing mess for some time. I really hope that the transition to Google + is seamless and provides a more streamlined and logical approach to managing my Google Local listing.

  • Aaron Enright

    I think everyone has been waiting a long time for this. The old system was too slow & confusing . This is a big step forward.

  • Liger

    Glad to finally see that Google is moving right along with moving places over to Google +. Very confusing to many clients not in the SEO game and will be happy once all updates are complete. With how funky Google + was with removing photos, reviews, etc previously, I had clients calling daily asking what was happening to their listings. I have been monitoring their G+ listings via a tool I found which has helped me with these issues.