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Google Picasa Rumored to Be Coming to Mac OS X

According to the folks over at Wired, a Google employee confirmed that a version of Picasa for Mac OS X is presently in the works, and will be launched later this year.  Picasa, for those you that some how don’t know what it is, is Google’s own photo management software. It lets you do things like not only organize your photos on your computer, but also upload them to their online Picasa service so you can share them with family and friends.

In recent months, Google has been working with the Mac platform and various Apple products to make their products available on this platform.  Picasa has turned out to be pretty popular on both Windows and Linux platforms, and it’s about time it comes to the Mac.  It’s a natural extension of the service that falls in line with their recent endeavors.

And with Apple picking up new users all the time making the switch from Windows, well it makes sense to make Picasa available here so they can still use the same software they’ve gotten used to.  Picasa is likely to be just one of the many Google programs and services that will soon be available on Macs.

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Google Picasa Rumored to Be Coming to Mac OS X

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