Google Officially Counts Site Speed for Web Search Ranking

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Google Officially Counts Site Speed for Web Search Ranking

Google has just officially announced that website speed is now a new signal when it considers web search ranking. Although not too much weight is given to site speed, still Google encourages website owners to consider implementing site speed booster to make their websites rank higher on Google search. This however applies only to And site speed is defined by Google as the speed by which websites responde to web requests.


Google also gave two major reasons why site speed is important – it improves user experience and satisfaction when visiting websites and it reduces operating costs.

In determining site speed of a websites it ranks, Google uses various methods and sources. What are those specifically remains secret though.

To evaluate the speed of your site, you can use the following tools, as suggested by the Google Webmaster Central Blog:

  • Page Speed, an open source Firefox/Firebug add-on that evaluates the performance of web pages and gives suggestions for improvement.
  • YSlow, a free tool from Yahoo! that suggests ways to improve website speed.
  • WebPagetest shows a waterfall view of your pages’ load performance plus an optimization checklist.
  • In Webmaster Tools, Labs > Site Performance shows the speed of your website as experienced by users around the world as in the chart below. We’ve also blogged about site performance.


Arnold Zafra
Arnold Zafra writes daily on the announcements by Google,, Yahoo & MSN along with how these announcements effect web publishers. He is currently building three niche blogs covering iPad News, Google Android Phones and E-Book Readers.
Arnold Zafra
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  • Traffic School California

    it's very good to here from Google, that the speed of website is also taken into consideration in search results.

    thanks for sharing the post as it is more informative and hopefully more people can know more from this post what I have.

  • Imad Mouline

    Poor site performance can drive customers to the competition – in fact, 40 percent of consumers will wait no more than three seconds for a Web page to load before abandoning a site. The importance of Web speed to the end-user experience and business results is once again validated by this Google news.

    Gomez, the Web performance division of Compuware, offers several free tests that companies can use to determine how well their Web sites are performing in critical areas like speed. For example:

    Gomez’s free custom benchmark test enables you to directly compare your Web site performance to that of your key competitors.

    The company also offers a free mobile readiness test to gauge the speed of mobile Web sites:

    Finally, Gomez also offers a free load readiness assessment service, which enables you to determine the impact of heavy traffic on Web site speeds, which can help guide capacity decisions:

    All of these tests measure speed from the real-world perspective of end-users at the edge of the Internet – the only realistic measure, as subjected to an extremely wide range of Web “noise” including ISPs, carriers, CDNs, etc. Businesses can then use this information to optimize speed across all the elements that ultimately color the end-user’s experience.

  • Broody

    Google's initiative to speed up the page loading is appreciable. But relevance in search will always hold the priority to speed of searching as similar paging techniques are already being exhibited by some of the open source search platforms like solr. I discovered it's working fundamental at

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    from one side, we support the decision of google, if the speed of site is more quick,it must be more comfortable for users.

    But another point, the speed of site is not control under site builder.

    for example , the site speed of US must be very fast.

    but other countries?

    for example African country.

    due to limit, their site speed must be slow.

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  • Asad

    thanks Arnold Zafra, very helful information, but my question about site speed ? which is best speed for website speed ? my website speed 10sec ? that is good OR bad , so please write something on best website speed.

  • Asad

    thanks Arnold Zafra, very helful information, but my question about site speed ? which is best speed for website speed ? my website speed 10sec ? that is good OR bad , so please write something on best website speed.