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Google Offers to Buy VOIP Provider Global IP Solutions

Google is on to its usual company shopping again. This time, it is eyeing Global IP Solutions, a company that provides technology used for delivering voice and video over IP networks.  Google has reportedly made an offer of $68.2 million to acquire the said company which has Google and Yahoo as two of its long-time customers.  Global IP Solutions powers up Yahoo Messenger voice chat facility.

Just to remind you, this is the second time that Google is investing on VOIP-related company. Previously Google has also bought Gizmo5, another VOIP solutions provider.

According to the Google Engineering Director, Rian Liebenberg:

“GIPS’s technology provides high quality, real-time audio and video over an IP network, and we’re looking forward to working with the GIPS team at Google to continue innovating for the Web platform.”

Of course, the GIPS folks are more than happy with what Google is offering them. Emerick Woods, Global IP Solutions CEO tells us:

“With Google’s global reach, scale and widely recognized leadership, we are confident that our existing customers will continue to be fully supported while we continue to enhance and extend our products and technology at Google.”

Any idea how this acquisition will play up into Google’s products and services?  VOIP calls via 3G on Android phones perhaps?

In a release, Global IP Solutions says it expects to continue to support its current customers but doesn’t offer specific details about where it will fit at Google, saying simply that it will “continue to enhance and extend our products and technology.”

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Google Offers to Buy VOIP Provider Global IP Solutions

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