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Google Needs You to Test its New Search Infrastructure

Google Needs You to Test its New Search Infrastructure

Here’s what could probably be Google’s first in gearing up for an impending battle against the combined force of Yahoo and Microsoft in the coming days. The Google Webmaster Blog has published some details on Google’s next generation web search architecture and Google is enlisting the help of nobody else but us web search users to help them test it and contribute to the development of a new Google search engine.So, what does this next generation architecture for Google web search promises to offer? – indexing speed, improve accuracy of search results, more comprehensive plus some other dimensions that the current Google web search don’t have right now.

Google’s next generation infrastructure is currently under the hood of Google’s search engine. So this means if you’re  going to take it for a spin, it is very unlikely that you will notice any difference in the search results.  Although if you have to compare these results  you’ll notice a big difference in the volume.

For instance, searching for netbooks on the current Google search and the search with new infrastructure, the later will yield more results.

The web developer preview of Google search with the new infrastructure is at


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