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Google My Business Introduces a New Way to Report Spam

Google has developed a new solution for reporting fraudulent activity relating to Google My Business and Maps.

Users can now submit a complaint form when they come across a Maps or GMB listing that leads to fraudulent activity.

Complaints submitted through this form will be reviewed in accordance with Google’s guidelines for representing businesses on Google Maps.

With this new solution in place, Google has decided to close the spam board on the Google My Business forums.

Previously, that’s where spam-related issues would be reported. Users can now use the new complaint form.

More Information About the Complaint Form

Joy Hawkins reached out to Google to get more information about the new form. She published what she learned on her local search message board.

Users will get a generic response after submitting a complaint. Google will not provide specific details about how the complaint was handled.

The complaint form lets users upload spreadsheets for reporting multiple locations at the same time.

Currently, the form should not be used for reporting fake reviews. Those complaints should be directed to Google My Business social support on Twitter or Facebook.

The form is intended for reporting fraudulent activity related to the name, phone number, or URL of a business.

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Google My Business Introduces a New Way to Report Spam

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