Google Maps Used to Track Down Street View Car

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Do you hate the Google Street View car for its supposed invasion of your privacy? Looks like this is what drove members of the group Free Art & Technology (FAT) when they’ve attached a GPS device to the Street View car containing Google’s camera used for photographing streets in Berlin.

So, now with the use of Google Maps, the group were able to track down the whereabouts of the Google Street View car in real-time. And what better way of pulling a prank to the controversial Google car than to pull down their pants andplay various gestures as the passes by a pre-determined location?  So, whose more evil now?

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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  • Wayne Vassell

    Hey Arnold,

    Wow, that is a controversial move there against the big G! So I should be looking out for who will be caught on camera 🙂

    Thanks for the post.