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Google Maps & TomTom Team Up to Provide Business Information

TomTom, the Dutch navigation systems company, announced Wednesday that they were teaming up with Google in an effort that will allow users to find and send business addresses to the portable devices. According to TomTom, users would be able to search for business addresses on Google Maps, and then transfer them to their TomTom device.

TomTom users will be able to easily transfer information to their GPS devices when connected to the internet with just one mouse click, and will then be able to view the location on their TomTom device. This new interoperability feature would be perfect for planning a trip, allowing people to search for accommodation, museums, restaurants, and other points of interest at home with Google Maps, and then transfer these places they’d like to visit to a TomTom device.

While TomTom devices, like most other GPS navigation units, include “points of interest” like gas stations, parking garages, and restaurants, if a user does not regularly purchase map upgrades the information can quickly become out of date. Furthermore, how many people are keen on sitting in there car, using the navigation system to plan trips? It’s simply far easier to do this at home on a computer where one has full internet access.

While Yahoo and MapQuest used to be the mapping websites of choice, Google has really been making a dent in their business with continual upgrades to Google Maps, and their partnerships with other companies. By adding Google Maps to just about everything from mobile phones to in-car navigation to GPS devices, it is pretty clear that when it comes to maps, Google wants us to think of them first.

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Google Maps & TomTom Team Up to Provide Business Information

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