Google Makes Image Ads Easier With Ready Creatives

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Google announced via their AdWords blog today that they have released a new free tool for advertisers called Ready Creatives. The set, which includes Ready Image Ads and Ready Image Gallery, are focused on making the image ad creation process much easier.

The Ready Creatives add to Google’s existing Display Planner and Remarketing tools, which help advertisers find websites to display ads on and helps you engage users that have already browsed products on your site.

Ready Image Ads

This tool takes your existing URL that you want to advertise for and pulls images from that site to create an image ad. By scanning your site, it automatically puts together a variety of ads in IAB Standard and HTML 5 compatible sizes that include the color palette from your site. From there, you can add and remove images, change colors and layouts, and even add text to create more professional-looking ads.

Ready Image Gallery

Google mentions the importance of creating a story and connection with your target audience. The image gallery tool takes you through the process of building video, dynamic, engagement, and general advertisements in real time that allow the advertiser more freedom with where and how their ads are displayed online. Some features include a 2 second delay to video ads (to eliminate accidental hover) and  lightbox ads, which expand to a bigger space to explain and display your products and offerings.


Using these tools to build PPC ads can help make the image ad creation process a lot less overwhelming. By pulling images and colors, combined with compatible layouts, from an advertiser’s website to create a starting point, a greater number of businesses will be more likely to utilize image ads. Both tools are available now when signing into an AdWords account, then clicking on the Ads tab.

Kelsey Jones
When she's not editing and scheduling posts, Kelsey Jones manages the Marketing Nerds podcast and moderates SEJ Summit conferences and Marketing ThinkTank webinars. She has been in digital marketing since 2007 and journalism since 2004. Kelsey started StoryShout, the first and only news content marketing agency, in 2016.
Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones
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  • Brian Jackson

    Wow this is actually awesome! I’m amazing with Photoshop but when juggling SEO and AdWords all day there is never enough time to spend time on designs… I actually am pretty stoked about this. Been so busy didn’t even see this announcement. Thanks Kelsey for mentioning this! Will be trying at work tomorrow.