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Google Loses Some Search Numbers in February

The latest search engine results from comScore showed the almost the same trend in terms of ranking. Google still topped the charts beating once again the other 4 major search engines. Even the ranking order in both search share and search queries made, are still the same as the previous months.

Google’s share of total search conducted in February went up from 58.2% in January to 59.2% in February. Yahoo came second with 21.6% from 22.2%, Microsoft 9.6% from 9.8%, AOL stayed in the same 4th spot with 4.9% and Ask Network’s share went up from 4.5% to 4.6%.

Even with the 9.8 billion total searches conducted for February, the same ranking order holds true. However, here’s where the significant change happened. All the search engines numbers registered a decrease in number. Google’s search query numbers went down 5%, same with AOL and Ask. Yahoo registered the biggest lost in search query numbers going down 8%, Microsoft’s search query also went down 7%.


Although February is considered in the search analysis industry as a soft month for search engine activities, industry analyst still can’t help highlight the fact that search activities in Google has registered a decline.

There are many factors to this aside from February being a soft month for search activity. But we can’t discount the fact that this might be brought about by the explosion of human-powered search engines which are out to compete with the almighty Google search engine.

Or are users getting tired of Google’s search algorithms and are no longer finding Google search results useful for their information needs? Is Google losing its stellar in the search engine market? We could only answer these questions if the succeeding search engine reports would continue to show decreasing trends. February is just one month, there are eleven other months in the calendar.

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Google Loses Some Search Numbers in February

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