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Google Launches SMS Mobile App in Africa

Google Launches SMS Mobile App in Africa

Google is extending its services to mobile phone users in Africa via Google SMS. Google SMS is a suite of mobile apps that provide access to information covering various topics such as health and agriculture tips, news, local weather sports and more. This is Google’s way of extending its services and reaching out to African mobile users who rely so much on SMS in carrying out their day to day activities.

Google SMS features Google Trader, a mobile app which African users can use to sell or buy any any type of products or services. It’s like an SMS-based eBay where you can find used cars, mobile phone, crops, livestock, jobs and other consumer goods which are up for sale.

Aside from this, Google SMS also features SMS Tips which is SMS-based query-and-answer service which works like a mobile search interface. Of course the answer is delivered through SMS.

Google Trader and SMS Tips are the products of collaboration among Google, the Grameen Foundation, MTN Uganda and other African local organizations.

The African region has the world’s highest mobile growth rate. Compared with the Internet, mobile phones has a higher penetration rate on the African population. It’s no wonder that Google focusing on this avenue especially since one third of the African population own a mobile phone.


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