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Google Launches FreeTheAirwaves Initiative

We’ve seen and heard Google advocates for the freeing up of the white spectrum. And today it has officially launched its campaign to unite the public in lobbying for the opening up of this unused airwaves between broadcast TV channels to according to Google to provide affordable, high-speed wireless Internet connectivity nationwide. Google is calling for uncharged use of this spectrum not only for their benefit for the whole public as well.

The FreeTheAirwaves sites features several community videos which call for everyone to support any lobby movement launched in anticipation of the FCC ruling to be made in the coming months.

Google also wants to inform the public that the FCC decision could determine whether we could see a tranformation of the wireless Internet as we know it today.Visitors to the Free TheAirwaves would be encourage to film their video response to sign a petition to the FCC, to contact your elected officials, to spread the word, and more.

The good thing about this initiative is that Google was quick to admit that it has a business interest which to the freing up of the white spaces.

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Google Launches FreeTheAirwaves Initiative

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