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Google Launches Dynamic Remarketing Today!

Google Launches Dynamic Remarketing Today!

Re-targeting campaigns is very trendy among PPC marketers right now. Maybe you’ve been one of Google’s competitors: Mediaforge, Adroll, or Retargeter . Today Google decided that it was time to release their own version of re-targeting, called ‘Dynamic Remarketing’.

In order to begin using this, you need to have a Google Merchant Center account. At the moment, Google only allows you with four options:

  1. Past buyers – These buyers will be shown popular items as well as items that have commonly been purchased with an item they previously bought. You’ll find that this is similar to what Amazon does.
  2. General visitors – This ad will show to people who just casually came to the website, didn’t buy anything, and didn’t view any specific product pages. They will be presented with the most popular items from your site.
  3. Product viewers –  This ad will be shown to people who looked at specific items but didn’t put them in a shopping cart. They will be shown products that other visitors viewed along with recommended products.
  4. Those who abandoned their shopping carts – This ad will show these users items that were in the shopping cart along with recommended products.

Like always, Google has pilot programs and data to go along with their new release. There were two documented companies in the pilot program, Sierra Trading Post & EMP Merchandising. Below you’ll find the results they experienced. I wonder what results you’ll experience.

Sierra Trading Post –  this retailer saw their conversion rate increase by 5 times and their click-through rate increase by 2 times. Pretty significant.

EMP Merchandising – I was pretty blown away by the following data: their conversion rates grew by 230% and their cost of sale decreased by 30%. While many things contribute to the cost of a sale, the only relevant one here is the cost that a business incurs by storing the product. (Any accounting people are willing to contest that if I’m wrong) 😉

What do you think of the new Google dynamic remarketing release? I personally found it very intuitive. Some may find it creepy. You’ll have to let me know your thoughts below in the comments. 🙂

image credit: Shutterstock

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Google Launches Dynamic Remarketing Today!

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