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Google Launches Apps Authorized Reseller Program

Google is rolling out a new strategy aimed at better marketing of their Google Apps products. Dubbed Google Apps Authorized Reseller Program, this strategy is somewhat similar to Google Adsense, wherein Google will mobilize third parties in promoting, marketing and distributing the Google Apps suite of web-based software and tools. Google sells Google Apps at a lower rate to Resellers, Resellers sells the product at a normal rate plus a more close-knit after sales support, resulting to a more satisfied customers.

For Google, this would expand their distribution and marketing reach and possibly increase the sales coming from Google Apps. For Resellers, this is another opportunity to earn some extra bucks, get accredited by Google as an authorized reseller as well as market Google Apps in combination with their own IT products and services.

Basically, it’s a win-win situation for all the parties involved, even the customers who despite having the choice to go directly to Google but may never have the same level of after sales support from Google due to the amount of customers that Google handles. And how can customers be assured that Resellers would give them a good after sales support? For the simple reason that these Resellers would not want to have a bad track record with their “tie-up” with Google.

But of course, the ultimate goal is to bring in more customers with the hopes of establishing Google Apps as a force in the Software-as-a-Service market specifically geared for enterprise solution, which until now is dominated by Microsoft.

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Google Launches Apps Authorized Reseller Program

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