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The Google Kit Kat & 5 Other Stange Co-Branding Deals


So, Google is back in the headlines. And, this time it’s not about Glass. Instead, it’s about the bizarre licensing deal Google unveiled surrounding its next version of Android called the Google KitKat.

Unless you’re an extremely devoted health food junkie who has never come across candy in their entire life, Kit Kit should sound familiar.

Word is that for the Android 4.4, Google came up with the name and then struck a cross-promotion deal with Nestle. Despite the rumors and buzz surrounding the Google KitKat, it’s been reported that “this is not a money-changing-hands kind of deal.” Instead, this is supposed to be a fun and unexpected partnership between the tech giant and the delicious candy bar.

This strange licensing deal between Google and Nestle has gone all Willy Wonka, too. Find a specially branded Kit Kat bar emblazoned with the Android logo and you could win a Nexus 7 or Google Play credits. We’re not joking. This is for real.

While it sounds unusual, it’s definitely not the first time two companies have struck a bizarre co-branding deal. Google previously teamed up with Jelly Bean for the Android 4.1. Here’s a look back at 5 other strange licensing deals/co-branding ventures.

Geico & Mrs. Butterworth

In 2008, Geico teamed up real Geico customers with real-life celebrities. That was all well and good, even sometimes enjoyable, but we have no idea what Mrs. Butterworth has to due with car insurance. That move still has us scratching our heads.

Montblanc & Gandhi

Luxury pen maker Montblanc thought that the best way to honor Gandhi’s 140th birthday was to release a limited edition gold pen that cost $24,000. Only 241 pens were made, that’s one for each mile that Gandhi walked during his famous march against salt taxes in 1930.

Spongebob Squarepants Rectal Thermometer

OK, no one likes having this done. Unless you’re freaky like that. So, to help make this task as painless as possible, BD decided to make a Spongebob Squarepants Rectal Thermometer, which played the cartoon’s theme song when the temperature taking concluded.

Paris Hilton’s Diamond Quest

We’re guessing that Gameloft wanted to get in on the Paris Hilton action, when they released this mobile game back in 2006. We hear that it’s not actually a bad game. Not that we played it or anything.

Sesame Street & Law Order: SVU

To celebrate the 37th season of the children’s classic show, there was a sketch featuring an alphabet parody staring a group of Muppets. Detectives Meloni, Mariska, and Munch help search for a missing letter “M.” Because nothing says children’s educational program like a teaming up with a show about sex crimes and crimes against children.

Image via Kit Kat Facebook

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The Google Kit Kat & 5 Other Stange Co-Branding Deals

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