Google Issues 15% Faster Update to Chrome Beta Build

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Google has just released a new version of its Chrome Browser beta build – this time with some nice new features that makes the Chrome experience even better.  If you’re using this Beta build of the Google Chrome browser, your installation will be automatically updated to the new version. Those of us who are using the official, more stable version of Google Chrome will have to wait awhile before these new features are added.

The most important new feature of the latest Chrome Beta build is its speed which according to Google is now 15% faster than the previous release. Both speed improvement were tested on V8 benchmark and SunSpider benchmark.

Other new features of the new Google Chrome beta include – autofill for filling up web forms, additional synchronization features which now include Chrome extensions and autofill data, and an streamlined interface particularly the upper toolbar, a more approachable Omnibox and condensed options into a single menu.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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