Google is Testing a New AdSense Interface

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Google is currently beta testing a better and sleeker interface of its AdSense account management. The new interface answers the top three suggestions provided by AdSense account holders  that will make the task of managing AdSense accounts easier and less daunting.


From the sample screenshot given by Google, the new interface is indeed better looking than the current interface. It is also less cluttered and links to the information that you would like to know when checking your AdSense account are given outright.

The new AdSense interface gives you more detailed performance reports that enables you to view daily statistics in a nice graphical format. Additional metrics that matters are also provided including earnings you earned from various ad implementation, ad targeting and ad bids.

The Ad Review Center will also be enhanced to give more options for managing ads and a cleaner interface that will facilitate easier reviewing of  ads in the Ad Review Center.

The new AdSense interface is now more streamlined and simplifies common tasks that you normally do on your individual accounts. The interface now also includes more relevant help, message inbox containing tips and alerts on every page of your AdSense account.

Google is currently rolling out the beta version of the new AdSense interface to some users in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese AdSense users.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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  • Ahmad Barirani

    I can’t wait for this new interface. The old AdSense interface was just too oldish.

  • Michael Walter

    I guess the stats format would be similar in part to Google Analytics, which I find more interesting to navigate the various stats, and easy to digest pie charts and graphs. Much has been optimized in Analytics (e.g. alerts, custom reports, segments, etc) – now it’s Adsense turn for a ramp up…

  • Rajiva

    I think, Google must have two mode for adsense interface(Like Gmail). Because hard for leave old habbit.