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Google Bothered by a Microhoo?

Google has finally published an official reaction to Microsoft’s proposal to acquire Yahoo for $44.6 billion.

In general, the statement speaks of worries not for Google itself as an internet company, but on the issue of preserving the openness and innovation principles of the Internet. But of course, one doesn’t have to read between the lines to see that Google is not really worried about the Internet, but for the impact of this merging (if indeed it comes true) to its operations, dominance and standing as the major internet player.

Basically, Google is worried that Microsoft “might exert the same sort of inappropriate and illegal influence over the Internet that it did with the PC.” Google thinks that Microsoft might use its strong monopoly in the PC (desktop) industry and try to bring in the same strategy into the web, which by the way is close to being monopolized by Google, if not for the presence of Yahoo and Microsoft.
Actually, Google might be raising some valid points here. Microsoft has been struggling to establish a good presence in the online environment but it always fall short of both Yahoo and Google’s strategies. For instance, Microsoft’s AdCenter fails in comparison with Google’s AdWords. Microsoft’s web mail program fails in comparison with Yahoo Web Mail.

And if indeed Yahoo accepts this Microsoft bid, it could be a very lethal weapon not against the openness and innovation of the web, nor Microsoft’s step towards Internet monopolization. But rather, it’s a big threat to Google’s current position in online advertising, online applications and over all internet dominance.

At some point, Microhoo, YahooSoft or whatever you may want to call the merger, may be bad for the Internet as a business. But it is even worse for Google as an Internet business entity.

And Google has all the reason to be worried. The same way that other online entities are worried that Google maybe close to monopolizing the online world. Microsoft just wants to give Google a dose of its own medicine, although a bit over on the dosage that Google needs.

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Google Bothered by a Microhoo?

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