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Google Bans Term Paper & Essay Writing Ads

In a move to lessen if not prevent plagiarism among university students, Google is banning advertisements by essay writing companies and services from its advertising fold. The ban on these kinds of advertisements came after numerous complaints have been filed by university authorities who have numerous incidents of students submitting unoriginal or copied essays and other research reports.

This advertisement ban was welcomed by university authorities but not so much by writing companies who have been in the business of writing for pay activities. Moreso by freelancers who are employed by these companies. Claiming that their business is legitimate, the writing companies said that when they are engaged by students, who incidentally are mostly foreign students, they make it clear to their clients that they should not in any way claim or allude that the article these companies wrote are written by the students themselves.

I think Google is over reacting to the complaints of university authorities. I would have to side with the writing companies argument. After all, they too are legitimate companies which have the right to purchase advertising spots not only from Google, but from other online companies as well.

As for students, better save the name and particulars of the writing companies they are currently dealing with. They might lose valuable services provided by these companies if they don’t bookmark their sites. Sooner or later, you wouldn’t find a good link to a reliable writing company once Google bans advertisements of these companies.

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Google Bans Term Paper & Essay Writing Ads

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