Google Bans Term Paper & Essay Writing Ads

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In a move to lessen if not prevent plagiarism among university students, Google is banning advertisements by essay writing companies and services from its advertising fold. The ban on these kinds of advertisements came after numerous complaints have been filed by university authorities who have numerous incidents of students submitting unoriginal or copied essays and other research reports.

This advertisement ban was welcomed by university authorities but not so much by writing companies who have been in the business of writing for pay activities. Moreso by freelancers who are employed by these companies. Claiming that their business is legitimate, the writing companies said that when they are engaged by students, who incidentally are mostly foreign students, they make it clear to their clients that they should not in any way claim or allude that the article these companies wrote are written by the students themselves.

I think Google is over reacting to the complaints of university authorities. I would have to side with the writing companies argument. After all, they too are legitimate companies which have the right to purchase advertising spots not only from Google, but from other online companies as well.

As for students, better save the name and particulars of the writing companies they are currently dealing with. They might lose valuable services provided by these companies if they don’t bookmark their sites. Sooner or later, you wouldn’t find a good link to a reliable writing company once Google bans advertisements of these companies.

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  • Richard Boyd

    A good reason for Live, Yahoo and all the other SE’s not to follow G’s lead 🙂

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    Another reason for these writing companies to use organic listings to help build relationships with students. It’s amazing to me that companies like Google have no problem banning paid ads, but targeting an industry in organic search is much more difficult and controversial.

    I can’t say that this ban on AdWords ads for businesses centered around cheating on research and term papers bothers me.

    If a student now wants to cheat, they’re going to have to search extra hard on Google to find these freelancers and companies, taking more of their time and energy. God forbid University students put effort into anything 🙂

  • Matt Keegan

    Good! As someone who writes professionally, I have never written term papers or other collateral simply because I felt that if I had to do all the research while I was in college, then so could they.

    I doubt that this change will do much to stem the flow. Just go ahead and google a search and you’ll find enough willing writers out there to take on this type of work.

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    Right Matt, the day Google or another search engine takes the bold step of banning these services from their organic results will be much more of a powerful statement 🙂

  • Raj Dash

    And yet, there are still loads of blogspot sites running AdSense and whose content is adult but legitimate, but link directly to pr0n sites, and they don’t get banned. Hmmm. I questioned Matt Cutts on this and gave the standard Google response. And yet over a year later, the sites in question still have adsense.

  • Deaf Musician

    As long as they don’t ban sites with free essays, I am happy!

  • John Hewitt

    As a person who runs a writing site with Google ads, I say good riddance. My users have had nothing but trouble with these companies. Not only do they help students cheat, they often cheat writers out of their money. I had banned several of their sites manually, but I am happy to have them flushed from the system entirely so I no longer have to keep an eye on them.

  • Essay Town

    I am against this ban. its unfair.

  • Bryant

    The person who left the Essay Town comment does not represent Essay Town. Essay Town actually SUPPORTS the ban, as it will weed out all of the fly-by-night, ripoff companies from Pakistan amd elsewhere, like, that have ruined the reputation of a legitimate industry by openly suggesting that students can turn in the papers that they buy from FlashPapers for academic credit. That is disgusting. Flash Papers is so fraudulent and unethical, they’ve earned their very own page at

  • Custom essay

    It’s not fair. It’s a legitimate business like any other!

  • Essay Town

    google is acting strage. this is not business practice.

  • Term Papers

    Bryant is not associated with doest not support this ban at all. We are against this ban. Google is now crossing the line. will never support this ban.

  • Ryan Harris

    I have mixed feelings on this issue. As a compay that provides an alternative to buying papers, custom or plagiarized, I was using this keyword to drive traffic to my site. I am competing with writing services by providing a tool to help students write research papers and term papers using a new approach based on speed of writing, and finishing quickly. I think this will help my company in the long run because I may be able to be one of the few advertisers legitimately using this keyword for a commecial product. I still have to work with Google on this issue. However, as an entrepreneur, I get scared when business decisions are made for other than business reasons. What’s next?

  • KME Internet Marketing

    While interesting and newsworthy, there’s likely to be little impact to the “supplier/consumer” equation, just impact to Google revenues (though just a blip to them). There are in fact many, many other channels and forums for Internet advertising (and supportin SEO/SEM techniques), that reach the buyers – especially if the buyers are working a little harder to find them. Established providers will also adjust their copy and business outlets to comply with Google’s guidelines, yet still serve the same audience. Perhaps Google should offer buyers better and more “certified” alternatives, like its own research and term paper assistive courses, guidelines and review services?

  • David

    The cowardly buffoon who has posted the untrue claims that EssayTown opposes the ban works for a Pakistani outfit that is incredibly jealous of EssayTown’s success and honest business practices. He’s a liar and a waste of oxygen. If you’d like to communicate with me directly, simply use the question form at and ask for “Dave.”

  • Term Papers

    David is simply a useless person. He is in no way associated with Please ignore him. I will repeat, we at essaytown will NOT support this ban at all!

  • term paper

    Absolutely unfair commitment from Google

  • The Bespeckled SEO

    I applaud Google’s decision and only hope that Yahoo, MSN and the rest of the SEs quickly follow suit.

  • Essay Writing

    Dear Admin. Please remove all the spamming posts of and That scumbag has posted lots of identical messages hoping to improve his backlinks situation, we should not tolerate that bastard. Everyone should be aware that and are run by the same group of scumbags.

  • Custom essays

    I think it is not right! That is a business
    ! And as for using such services, so it is decision of student

  • Essays

    I use a site called all the time and they sent out some marketing material before Christmas that said that the Google ban had improved their sales, (probably because of all the media, I suppose). But whenever I’ve used them, they’ve been good, and they get loads of press in the UK. In fact there on the BBC News site now.

  • Caroline

    How to Research at the College and University Level

    One issue that many of clients have expressed concern over or had difficulty with is researching (and then referencing) at the college or university level.

    Actually, this should be one of your easiest tasks. All colleges and universities today (I should not say all but certainly most) offer some type of online library service. Within this online library service these colleges and universities will usually subscribe to an existing database of scholarly and academic publications as well as databases of general publications. These databases are your friend.

    One of the most common academic and professional databases is EBSCO which has a series of professional databases including primarily business and psychological/sociological oriented databases.

    Some of the other more common journal databases is Sage Publications, Emerald, Jones, Proquest, Thompson-Gale, and LexisNexis Academic. While LexisNexis is one of the largest and most comprehensive research databases in terms of breadth and scope, its academic databases actually is not very good.

    All the other ones are fairly equal although I will use Proquest more for psychology/sociology references while EBSCO seems best for business related topics.

    So, now that you know what all those library services are, what do you do with the databases?

    Please visit

  • Jill

    It’s not a bad idea, many students have been scammed. Yahoo bans them too, other source:

  • custom essay

    I can`t understand it, i think this is not right

  • robby

    I am interested in a reliable writing service for research based on computing topics. if you can help with a NON-FRAUD site, email me at

  • Steven Bright is against the ban! We will never support it because it is unfair!

  • Custom Writing

    The ban is not going to last long because there is no reason to ban custom writing companies.

  • Essay Writing

    What will Google achieve with such a policy? it will only give other advertisers a chance to earn money off these custom writing companies.

  • Essay Writing Service

    It is a way for Google to look more ethical. Only porn, weapons, drugs and custom essays appear to be on the ban list.

  • Custom Essay Writing Service

    The implications of the ban are several-fold. The funniest thing is that essay writing services whose strategy has always been spamming the search engines and creating multiples website clones, well, these are the companies that are going to benefit the most from the ban.

  • Custom Essays

    We are against the ban because it limits the rights of companies!

  • Essay Writing Service

    It is likely that such ban will benefit other search engines that still offer ads for custom writing companies, unless they all choose to ban essay writing.

  • Essay Writing Service

    Both Google and the customers will suffer from the ban, since it becomes apparent that Google is censoring things–something that the internet isn’t about!

  • Job for writers

    We believe that Google is giving its competitors (who still accept essay ads) an unfair advantage. One day blunders like that will cause google its leadership position.

  • Job for writers

    Googles has the right to do what it wants especially if teachers complain. We do think that the ban will remove dishonest companies from the market giving quality companies an extra edge!

  • Custom Essay Writing

    We do not support the ban! But since there is little we can do about it, we urge others to concentrate on quality of writing. The customers will follow…

  • Academic Knowledge

    The announcement of Google’s ban was just good publicity for them – it wasn’t sincere. The ads continue to run but as someone has mentioned above, they are now more frequently the companies that can’t be trusted, because they care less about losing their accounts – you can see this from the way they just set up a new site when Google takes one down. So it’s bad news for buyers and for decent writers who work for the better companies like ours.

  • law

    lets see, there are various opinions, but it comes down to supply and demand.

  • legal

    In time we we will see that the customer rules

  • Papers Online

    There are many ligid, american based companies. Google banned all of them. And now yahoo did the same thing.

  • Custom Essays

    It’s effecting sales US based companies. Is there any way they would re-address the issues?


  • Essay

    Custom term paper websites advertise daily on Google.

  • Quality Research

    Google should play a more responsible role and try to investigate before taking such a step. There are legit companies and these are likely to suffer due to fraudulent activities of other irresponsible companies within the writing industry.

  • Jane Jacobs

    Its ok to ban some types of ads, but banning student essays is not the solution. Universities must find other means to ensure that students dont get away turning in other people work. This can include student presenting their work, oral exams, and other forms of testing.

  • rebeca123

    term papers and essays