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Google is also iPad-Ready

Google is also iPad-Ready

A few more hours before the iPad starts arriving on those who pre-ordered it for the last two weeks or so, and with the excitement building up, Google has also joined the iPad frenzy. The Google Mobile Blog is reporting that they have done some preparations to optimize Google’s mobile offering for the iPad’s large touchscreen, portability, and  rich sensors. These enhancements are more like right-fitting the services for the iPad, and not so much about creating  native iPad apps yet.

Google is also iPad-Ready

First to receive some iPad-specific enhancements is Gmail. Google is experimenting on a new user interface built in the Gmail for mobile HTML5 web app. Speficifically this interface include a two-pane view listing down the list of conversations on the left and message window to the right.  If you’re one of  those who ordered the iPad, you can see this two-pane view when you access on the iPad’s Safari browser once you’ve received your iPad.

Other mobile services that Google has for the iPad  include Google Search in the top right corner of Safari, YouTube, Map apps for iPad which include high-res satellite and street view imagery and access to Google Mobile App with search by voice.

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