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Google iOS Update: Search the Web Without Leaving iMessage

Google’s Search app for iOS has been updated with three new features. One of which is an iMessage extension that allows users to search the web without leaving the chat window.

Google iMessage Extension

Users can now conduct searches in the middle of a conversation without leaving the iMessage app.

After opening the apps drawer and selecting the Google app, users can search for GIFs, restaurants, and videos and immediately share them with the person they’re chatting with.

Explore Webpages in Safari

Google is now more deeply integrated with the Safari browser, allowing users discover content which is related to the content they’re currently viewing.

While viewing a webpage in Safari, tap on the share button and select “Search Google.” This will pull up a set of search results with other content related to the same topic. Select one of the search results to visit the page.

Drag and Drop on iPad

With iOS 11, Apple introduced a new feature that’s exclusive to iPads— drag and drop. This allows users to drag content from one app to another while using two apps in split-screen mode.

As an avid iPad user myself, I can tell you drag and drop is a serious productivity enhancer. Now the Google Search app is equipped with drag and drop capabilities. Users can move text, images, and links to and from the Google app.

Let’s say you’re searching Google and find a great article to share with a colleague. Open the Mail app alongside the Google app and long-press the search result, drag it, and drop it into the body of the email. Of course, this will also work with any other iPad app that supports drag and drop.

Google says the iMessage extension is only available in the US, but I believe all three of these feature are US-only at the moment. I have not yet been able to download the update from the Canadian App Store.

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Google iOS Update: Search the Web Without Leaving iMessage

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