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Google Invites News Publishers to Share Videos on YouTube

Google currently has more than 25,000 news sources that contribute content for Google News, and now they are inviting them to share professional news videos via YouTube.  After being approved as a YouTube Parnter, these news sources will be permitted to host videos for free on YouTube.  While that in itself probably isn’t enough to convince them to share their videos that way – there’s more to it that makes it a very enticing option.

YouTube news partners get some nice perks:

  • Featured placement on the YouTube news page
  • Opportunities to generate revenue via advertising
  • Visibility in Google News, thanks to the redesigned results page, which began including YouTube videos in its results back in May.

In addition, by participating in this program, it can create a larger audience for the news sources by sharing videos on a site that reaches millions, instead of being limited to just their own smaller audiences.

As the owner of a Google News participating website myself, I am definitely going to check this out, and see if we can ramp up our production of news videos.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  In the meantime, if your a part of a news organization interested in becoming a Google News partner, you can apply here at Google News.  After that, if you would like to be involved as a YouTube partner, you can apply here.

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Google Invites News Publishers to Share Videos on YouTube

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