Google Introduces Video Sitemaps

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If you want to get your video contents searchable via Google Video Search, you better start creating sitemaps for these videos. With the Google video sitemaps, you can tell Google’s metacrawlers about all the video contents on your site, including these videos’ metadata.

As defined by Google, video sitemaps:

“is an extension of the Sitemap protocol that enables you to publish and syndicate online video content and its relevant metadata to Google in order to make it searchable in the Google Video index.”

When the video sitemaps is submitted to Google, the video URLs will be made searchable on Google Video. Google Video will also display a thumbnail image which can either be autogenerated by Google or created by the user. Creating a sitemaps for videos would also make the videos appear in other Google search products.

Video sitemaps covers all video contents in various format which can be crawled by Google. These includes .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, .mov among many other standard video formats.

To guide you in creating sitemaps for your video contents, here’s an example from Google:

<urlset xmlns=”″
<video:player_loc allow_embed=”yes”></video:player_loc>
<video:title>My funny video</video:title>

<video:description>A really awesome video</video:description>

After creating your video sitemaps, you have to submit its URL to Google via the Webmaster Central. Make sure that you have uploaded the sitemaps files into the publicly accessible directory on your site.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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  • Kaets

    Sweet, that’s a very nice development and will for sure come of use in the future.

  • SEO Champion

    I have been hearing a lot of this before but never done it. Part of the Google 2.0 thing.

  • Ramenos

    Thanks for code. I will test it soon… πŸ™‚

  • Local SEO Specialist – Terry Reeves

    This is definitely good news for me. I have a hard time convincing some small business owners of the value of creating videos for their websites when they can’t find their created videos in a search.

    This will definitely reap great rewards for those who take content creation serious.

  • blog.krefftwerk

    Nice addition to sitemaps. πŸ™‚

    Although the sample provided by Google is probably showing how not to provide information on the resource:

    A really awesome video


  • Cheryl Fuerte

    This is nice but hmmm.. I guess they need it eventually if and when people get tired of YouTube πŸ˜‰ Google wanna have a real good bird’s eyeview of all video developments whether personal or commercial all over the world.

  • Matt Ellsworth

    well thats going to be huge.

  • Marc Liron

    …I started using them the moment the option was released by Google.

    Soon got fed up hand coding the XML file and so created some software to
    make the valid XML file.

    Now I am giving it away free!

    Version 1.0 at the moment but will be adding too it soon.

    Plus I think it is the worlds FIRST video sitemap software?

  • Katy

    Yes, this’s another cool thing with Google. It must be very convinient. But we’ll check it soon.

  • Simlock verwijderen

    Nice addition to the Sitemaps. Only there are some points it is better to don’t use this. Because of the following reasons. People are asking more and more why?

  • Thomas

    The only automated video sitemapper I found sofar has been A1 Sitemap Generator. Does anyone know of other? Considering making a list for my website.