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Google Introduces the View-Through Conversion Tracking Tool for Display Ads

Google has just announced a new way for advertisers to track conversion of their display ads which were not clicked but rather viewed-through by users. Called the View-through conversion, this ad campaign conversion tracking tool tracks those conversion made not from the first time an ad was seen by users but could be conversion made a few days or perhaps month after.

Usually, conversion from display ads that were displayed on the Google Content Network were being tracked when a user click-through the ads and then took the necessary actions. But Google thinks that there are users who may see the ads but won’t clicked it just yet but instead make the necessary actions several days later. This could either be an email subscription or in several cases when the user saves the ad landing page.

View-through conversion measures the number of conversions made within 30 days when the display ads were seen on the Google Content Network, provided that it did not generate a single click.

This tool will be most useful if you are running severa display ad campaigns. It will help you to monitor your display ads campaigns better and hence make more practical and cost-saving strategies to better maximize your ad campaign expenses.

If you have an existing AdWords campaign account you can activate view-through conversion under your AdWords account’s campaign tabs.

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Google Introduces the View-Through Conversion Tracking Tool for Display Ads

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