Google Integrates MySpace to Search, But Not Proud of it

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Google seemed to have quietly implemented MySpace Real-Time Search API just now. The announcement was actually made by MySpace so I checked out the Official Google Blog if there was any update about this but didn’t find any.  Probably because it’s too early or maybe Google just don’t want to make a big fuzz about this?

Anyway, the MySpace folks are pretty much excited about it nonetheless. In fact, they claim that the integration  is the first real-time integration of social networking platform to Google Search. Well perhaps they don’t consider Twitter as a social networking site so they might have missed the fact that Google has also integrated Twitter streams to search recently.

If you’re curious about it, you might want to try searching and find out if you will be getting live updates from MySpace users such as news, photos, and blog posts as part of the Google search results. MySpace streams will be displayed only if they were made public by MySpace members. MySpace contents that will be displayed as search results will be ranked based on the latest and of the highest relevancy to the subject of your searces.

Arnold Zafra
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  • Interesting, i’ll give it a try. Thanks for the update.

  • I wonder when Google will integrate Facebook updates as well. Any idea when this will take place?

  • It seems, Google is trying to add every bit of social media to it’s search results. I hope facebook will be added soon as well

  • So is this an integration to real-time, or an extension?

    I guess the fact that MySpace pages can be crawled while logged-out makes this much easier than Facebook – though it’ll be interesting to see if this causes the same privacy “outrage” that doing the same on Facebook would… My guess is no, since almost nobody I know even uses MySpace anymore!

  • Two words, Facebook Music. When this happens MySpace is as good as done.

  • I don’t get why Google doesn’t just create and make it a social search engine instead of junking serps. Then give people the option to turn it on if they want. Or how about a link like “I’m Feeling Lucky” that says “Please include junk in my results”? At least that way it would have a purpose. More and more of the searches I do on Google are useless. I HATE I may have to start using Bing. Google is forcing me to. Also people signed up for Twitter, FaceBook and Myspace. They didn’t sign up for Google. Google please come home.

  • I never feel myself free to MySpace. So this update did not interested me so much. However , it is good to know this update.thanks

  • I never feel myself free to MySpace. So this update did not interested me so much. However , it is good to know this update.thanks