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Google Image Search Rolls Out Style Options

Previously when you use Google’s Image Search to find a particular image, you type in specific keywords that would best decribe the image that you are looking for. Google would then display search results containing various images, regardless whether those are photos, drawings, illustrations and other forms of images that best represents your search keyword. Scanning those search results one-by-one can become a pretty tedious task especially if you used a very popular term and it got you so many hits. Fortunately, Google has just made it easy to categorized these image search results by style filtering.

So, in addition to the previously rolled out face and photo search for Images, Google has added the facility to filter image search results by line drawings and clip art. As with the previous filtering category for image search results, you can choose the image style that you want Google to display by choosing it from the “Any content” drop down right below the search box. After selecting the image style that you want to see, hit enter and Google Image Search would display only the search results containing the style you selected.

This feature could seem pretty simple, yet it would definitely be a useful filtering mechanism when finding the image that you are looking for. It’s a time-saver  for those who use Google Image Search heavily.

If you want to try this feature out, try doing a search using your name as a search query. Notice how so many references to the site you are connected with even though it doesn’t outrightly display your photo.

If could be a minor glitch which could later on be improved. But as it is right now, Google Image Search’s filtering mechanism is definitely a useful tool.

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Google Image Search Rolls Out Style Options

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