Google Image Search Lets You Filter Results with Specific Color

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The Google Operating Systems Blog  is running a post on a little tweak to Google Image Search that lets you filter your results based on a specific color.  You won’t see the option to filter image results by color in the main Google Image Search though. But GOS was kind enough to share this trick to get the option running.

Say for example your use the keyword “blue lagoon” on Google Image Search, this will give around 1,2500,000 hits according to the Image Search results.  Now this is all well and good, but the results could actually contain other irrelevant items.


Now how about using the URL given by the Google Operating Systems Blog:

replace bird with the word “lagoon” and the color red to “blue” and compare your results with the previous image search using “blue lagoon”. They are definitely different. You’ll get lesser results using the URL right?


It’s really a pretty simple search filtering option but could save you a lot of time scrolling through numerous search results when conducting image search. No words yet though as to whether this will be rolled out as a full-blown feature of  Google Image Search.

Arnold Zafra
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  • Muthukumar

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  • Martyn


    This is a really simple yet brilliant addition to image searches. Hopefully this will be rolled out fully.

  • seobag

    Interesting, but some times old method give a better results than new one.
    For example:
    old style
    and new one

  • pegomag

    Good work ………

  • CAP Digisoft Solutions

    Nice thing to see on how image search progress…

  • antibody

    That is very cool~ thanks for your share~