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Google Helpouts Released; Offers Expert Help Through Hangouts

Google Helpouts released

The online expert video market is one that has continued to grow, and Google has thrown its hat in the ring with its newest offering: Google Helpouts:

Helpouts works with Google Hangouts to help users connect live with verified experts that have been chosen by Google. In its official announcement blog post, its initial group of experts come from brands like Weight Watchers and Sephora and cover everything from makeup tips to bike repair help.

On the site, you can browse experts or search in a specific field, like Health or Computers. The results page lists experts that are available live now or lists their next available time. Currently, experts can only sign up with an invitation code.

Google Helpouts Released; Offers Expert Help Through Hangouts


To go enter a Helpout session with an expert, you must agree to have your session recorded and to agree to their terms and conditions.

Google Helpouts terms

Google Helpouts for Small Business & Freelancers

Helpouts has a wealth of possibilities for small businesses and individuals looking to step up their personalized branding. Other expert video and phone call sites like and LiveNinja, which allow experts to charge a flat or hourly rate for their time, can allow small businesses and freelancers alike to increase their income by reaching a consumer base that may not have found them before. This could lead to more work and more visibility.

Peer-to-Peer Online Learning

Even though live video and phone calls with experts seems to be one of the fastest growing niches, the peer-to-peer online learning industry also continues to grow quickly to meet demand, with sites like Lynda and Treehouse offering users a monthly subscription to access courses in a variety of subjects. Additionally, Skillshare allows anyone to apply to create their own lessons, which are offered at a reasonable rate to users. These examples offer pre-recorded lessons or classes, which users can complete at their own pace.


Will you use Google Helpouts, either as a user or an expert? Let us know in the comments.

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Google Helpouts Released; Offers Expert Help Through Hangouts

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