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Google Health : Preview & Expectations

Google Health : Preview & Expectations

Google Health : Preview & Expectations

Garett Rogers of the ZDNet Googling Google Blog has unearthed what may be a preview of Google Health at Google Dataceneter IP Ever since the launch of the Google Finance portal and build up to the next Google Stockholders Meeting this Thursday, Google’s Health channel is the next expected niche offering from the non-portal.

The ‘preview’ of Google Health found by Garett appears to be more so clustered or supplemental results than an all around Health channel – which leads me to actively question whether this will be the final Google Health offering.

Google Health : Preview & Expectations

Given the advanced Ajax, Google Blog Search, Google Groups and News integration of Google Finance, serving a couple of Clusty style links at the top of Google search results for health related searches is not living up to expectations.

Ideally, Google Health would serve as an informational channel for not only those searching for health related info, but also for doctors, students and practitioners in various health related fields.

Google Health should ideally offer a Google Answers type system, where proven professionals and experts can answer user questions on a paid or point building system which would attract professionals and build a trusting relationship. Furthermore the system should drive Google Account registrations. Clustering search results is not going to do so.

Additionally, integration of Google Local information which includes maps and directions along with pay-per-call for clinics, hospitals, doctors offices and pharmacies.

Garett agrees that Google Health should have similar integration :

Groups to link users with similar conditions, Images to see visually how something might look, News to see if there are any recent medical breakthroughs, Maps to find local medical clinics, etc. Right now we just have integration with Search — but it’s a good step in the right direction.

What do you expect of Google Health? Please feel free to leave a comment below:

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Google Health : Preview & Expectations

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