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Google Health Coming?

Google Health Coming?

Google Health Coming?

According to a few rumors around the Web today: Inside Google, Google Operating System, Search Engine Watch, etc. – we might be seeing a new rollout from Google next week and that would be Google Health. More from Google Operating System:

“Marissa Mayer told USA TODAY that Google will make some important announcements next Wednesday at the annual Google Press Day.

Although she didn’t want to say what new things Google will launch next week, she hinted at some interesting to come this year:

“Health is an interesting [subject] — keep your eye out for that next week.”

And from Inside Google:

“Now, that doesn’t mean the service will launch, but rather that journalists might be shown a sneak peak of Google Health.”

And once more with feeling from Search Engine Watch, an entry from March when Google Health speculation just was getting started:

“Garett Rogers reports of a recent Google hire, Adam Bosworth, with the title “Architect, Google Health.” Garett asks, what would the Architect, Google Health do at Google? I have read some speculation that Google’s enormous database can potential cure the world of illnesses. It can help be a predictive gauge for diseases to come, as well. This is all just speculation, but based on Bosworth’s background, something may be up at Google.”

Perhaps the first health article could address the contagious disease of Google Envy that seems to be running rampant through many search engines?

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Wendy Boswell is the Editor for About Web Search and part of the New York Times Company.

Google Health Coming?

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