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Google Goes Shopping Again, Buys Zingku

logo_zingku.gifThe Google Operating Systems Blog got the scoop today that Google has acquired mobile social networking site, Zingku. Zingku’s site has a small note informing users that indeed the company has entered into an agreement with Google.

We’ve entered into an agreement to have Google acquire our Zingku service.
New users: New user account sign-ups are currently frozen.
Existing users: Click here to review your options.

Likewise, Google confirmed the acquisition via Google Operating Systems Blog.

It is true that we acquired certain assets and technology of Zingku. We believe these assets can help build products and features that will benefit our users, advertisers and publishers.

Zingku is a 2 year old company that specializes in providing innovative ways of communicating, networking and connectivity among the younger mobile phone users.

Our service is designed from the mobile phone, outward, allowing you to create and exchange things of interest ranging from invitations to “mobile flyers” with friends in a trusted manner. On the mobile phone, Zingku uses standard text messaging and picture messaging features that come with every phone. On the web, our service uses your standard web browser and instant messenger.

Since Zingku’s mobile product relies primarily on “text and picture messaging”. Expect Google to redesign the site’s technology to make it more in tune with the mobile web. The text and picture messaging might stay, but these two mobile communication avenues are starting to lose ground because mobile phone users are going more into mobile web browsing when they are on the go.
This new Google acquisition can be construed in two ways. One is that it can very well be thought of as Google’s preparation for its entry into the mobile phone industry which adds up to the heightened expectation about the release of the gPhone. And two, it could also mean Google’s way of preparing for its entry into the online virtual life niche.

Either way, the acquisition of Zingku is a good step towards both of those directions.

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Google Goes Shopping Again, Buys Zingku

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