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Google Gains Smartphone Market Share Even without Nexus One

Since I’m currently so into the Nexus One right now, exploring the nifty features of Google Buzz for mobile, let me follow up my previous post with another piece about Google’s mobile phone undertakings. This time, lets look into the recently released comScore report showing that trend in the smartphone industry from October-Deember 2009.

According to comScore,  US mobile users have been going into text messaging, mobile Internet browsing and social networking during the said period. A proof of this is the users continued shift into more capable smartphone devices.

The report also showed that among the smartphone platforms, RIM is still leading in terms of market share but this is gradually decreasing. RIM, Microsoft and Palm all suffered a decrease in their market shares. And while this is happening both Apple and Google are slowly gaining some of them with 1.2% and 2.7% market shares respectively.

Now why is this interesting? Simply because from October to December 2009, Nexus One was still not released. Google’s data were primarily for those smarthpones running on the Android platform. So, what more if comScore would take into account Nexus One’s total sales so far? Google could easily dislodge Palm as the number four smartphone or even perhaps Microsoft at number 3.

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Google Gains Smartphone Market Share Even without Nexus One

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