Google Finally Gets to Own its Home Page Design

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Google’s rival and would-be rivals eyeing to mimic Google’s success by copying its home page layout may soon get in trouble. This is because after five years, Google has finally owned the patent to the design of its home page, according to a Gawker report.


Yup, that simple and yet powerful Google Home Page is not owned solely by Google. And anyone who tries to copy its design will face patent infringement from Google.

The patent refers to whole Google Home Page as a graphical user interface. This GUI includes the search box in the middle of any communications terminal with two buttons below. Google’s logo is depicted on top of this search box depicted in dotted lines to signify that it is not part of the Google Home Page GUI patent. It also includes several links below the two buttons.

So, basically anybody who designs their search engines in such layout will be subjected to copyright infringement. Now the question is how will Google enforce this patent against Yahoo which closely resembles Google’s Home Page? Luckily for Bing, its design is very different from Google’s. At least those headlines and the high res back ground photos have served their purposes.

Arnold Zafra
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  • Daman

    But why would a search engine try to copy Google’s home page unless they do not have their own brand image and standing.

  • Raffi

    I don’t think Yahoo’s home page resembles Google’s. It has one button on the right, and a flyout menu below. And the search bar is at the top of the page. Probably a nonissue.

  • Barry Welford

    I guess this means they can never get rid of that “I’m feeling lucky” button, since they need to have two buttons to exercise their patent. LOL

  • J Doe

    Almost every successful large website these days are owned and operated by jews because they have unlimited access to money printing through their control of Federal Reserve Bank. Within 2 years of jews losing control of Fed google will be history.

    • Bullitt

      I have to believe the best in people so I am choosing to believe you are simply a troll. But if you were a real person, I’d tell you that predjudice is a tool straight from hell, and it has NO place in anyone’s life.

  • Matt : BoozeMonkey

    I’m just amazed! How can you patent a search box and a couple of buttons?

  • Joe

    Heck, I could patent the layout of that comment you just entered Matt. while it is usefull for maintaining an image, I still think this is all non-sense. Makes it diffucult for end users by the way; if every search engine looks different, some people just assume it’s not a search engine. You wouldn’t believe how many people insist they want their home page to be MSN, but then move to Google to run a search. Not believeing that MSN or the Yahoo search bar is actually ‘search’.

  • me

    This is complete Bullshit!

  • me

    This is complete Bullshit! Is google or some other big, rich corporation that was capitalized with the proceeds of a corrupt public offering going to patient everyone’s DNA and or the air next?

    Google, and investors should worry about Adsense CLICK FRAUD!