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Google Finally Discloses How Much it Earns from AdSense

If you are running Google AdSense in  all its flavors (for content, for search, for feeds) since ages ago, have you ever wondered how much money Google is earning from it?  It took Google this long to divulge this information so might as well create some noise about it, right?

In the spirit of greater transparency with AdSense publishers, Google reports that  for AdSense for Content, it gets 32% which covers for Google’s costs for its continued investment in AdSense.  That means, all of us AdSense publishers earns 68% of ad payments being paid to Google which in turn serves those ads to our sites. Google’s earnings is also used to payoff the cost that Google incur in building products and features that enables AdWords advertisers to serve ads on our sites. And guess what, this deal has been going on since the launch of AdSense in 2003.

As for AdSense for Search, if you’re running Google’s Custom Search Engine on your sites, the revenue share is 51% for you and 49% for Google.  This has been the revenue sharing scheme since 2005 when Google AdSense for Search was launched.

For Google’s other AdSense products such as AdSense for mobile apps, AdSense for feeds and AdSense for games, Google is still analyzing the cost associated with these products.

So there. Happy with what Google just disclosed?

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Google Finally Discloses How Much it Earns from AdSense

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