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Google Earth Goes Socially Relevant, Reaches Out to Non-Profit Organizations

Showing that it is not only a profit-oriented company, Google launches its own socially relevant program called Google Earth Outreach. Utilizing the power of its mapping technology,Google Earth Outreach aims to leverage the power of Google Earth to illustrate and advocate for the kind of work they do and where exactly they do their work. John Hanke, Director of Google Earth & Maps, sums up the objective Google Earth Outreach:

“Our goal with Google Earth Outreach is to help public service organizations worldwide leverage our mapping technology to further their goals by providing tailored technical guidance and grants,”

With the use of Google Earth’s layering tool, non-profit organizations can effectively illustrate their kind of work and then recreate a visual representation of their areas, giving worldwide exposure to their social activities.

The Google Earth Outreach Program includes:

  • comprehensive online guides,
  • video tutorials,
  • case studies,
  • online forums (moderated by Google Outreach Program staff),

In addition, non-profit organizations can now also apply for a Google Earth Pro Grant which would entitle them an assistance valued at $400.

Google Earth Outreach is a promising socially relevant program. It is commendable of Google despite its company success to come up with ways and means of fulfiling its corporate social responsibility. Google Earth is a useful tool and provides a new avenue of communicating to the world easily and conveniently. As a communication tool, Google Earth is an effective way of transmitting social issues and challenges to the people which could make a difference in the society. If used properly by non-profit organizations, Google Earth and its Outreach Program could in time, make a difference in social policy making and implementation.

As Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute, UN Messenger of Peace put it:

“Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care will we help. With Google Earth Outreach, more people have the chance to see, to care, and then to act,”

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Google Earth Goes Socially Relevant, Reaches Out to Non-Profit Organizations

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