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Google Does Not Use Meta Keywords in Site Ranking

Google’s Search Quality Expert Matt Cutts has just explained a shocking truth about how Google ranks web sites on its main site – it does not consider keywords meta tag after all. In other words, whatever keywords meta tag you use, it will not affect how well you site will rank on a particular keywords on their respective Google SERPs.According to Matt, Google started disregarding keywords meta tags when webmasters started abusing its use. Particularly when many have started stuffing the keywords meta tag with irrelevant keywords even if the site does not really contain any information relating to those keywords.

The good news is that the other meta tags are not as unuseful as the keywords meta tags.  The “description” meta tags for instance is being used by Google in displaying search results snippets for websites that are displayed on Google SERPs.

Anyway, if you have stuffed your websites keywords meta tag, you don’t really need to delete it as Matt says that Google might find it useful in the years to come. And besides, those keywords are used for other purposes than web site ranking on Google search, right?

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Google Does Not Use Meta Keywords in Site Ranking

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