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Google Docs Lists Priority Features

Last month we discussed a Reddit page that allowed users to communicate with the Google Docs team and discuss the features they wanted most. The Docs team has continued this pattern of petitioning user feedback with a Google Moderator page that did much the same. It’s clear that Google is looking to get a strong sense of what projects users want to see made a priority in Docs, and continuing the path of strong communication, Google has now released their planned priority list.

The top three projects are to: “Add better header and footer functionality,” “make Google Docs available offline,” and “create vertical merge in spreadsheets.” However, the team also indicates that these are just a few of the top ideas that are now being prioritized. Other items that interested the Docs team but that didn’t make the priority list include the option to make Google Docs into email attachments (specifically via Gmail), enabling the use of Google Fonts, and more seamless integration between document types (e.g., inserting presentation segments into a document).

The user feedback comes from Reddit responses which were voted up and down and over 2,000 Google Moderator posts which saw over 50,000 votes total. Over 4,000 individuals participated on the Google Moderator page, and hundreds more contributed via Reddit. Additionally, users can continue to contribute via the Moderator page.

[via the Google Docs Blog]


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Google Docs Lists Priority Features

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